Authors… what the hell is going on? I would say that Twitter has made you insane, but I know some of you have been bringing the foolishness for a while, so obviously it’s not new media that is causing you to act out like a 10-year-old on too much sugar.

Alice Hoffman, get your butt off the internet before you embarrass yourself any further! Posting a critic’s phone number on Twitter? NO. *smacks on nose with paper* Bad author!

Ayelet Waldman, stop damning your critics to hell. It doesn’t reflect well on you. See above about 10-year-olds.

Again, I know that criticism hurts. And hey, complain about your critics all you like… in private to your friends. That’s what I do. That’s what most sensible people do. Your friends will tell you that the critic is an ass and you’ll feel better. But telling it to the world? Just makes you look like an ass.

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6 thoughts on “WTF Authors AGAIN

  1. You know, I love that Twitter has been so crucial and helpful for the Iranian election protests, but I STILL AGREE THAT IT IS THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL.

  2. Man, ever since Ayelet Waldman published that piece on how blogging is sapping her creativity and how she loves her husband more than her kids (which I understand, it’s Michael Chabon for God’s sake, but don’t publish that where your kids will read it!!) I have had my doubts about her welfare.

  3. I think Twitter is a great tool for bringing fools and idiots to the public’s attention. Twitter short circuits their brain’s self-editing software and lets everyone see the nasty inside.

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