WisCon Readings

WisCon Readings

So since I have several stories coming out this year, I think I should get to do a reading at WisCon.  Hopefully others will agree.  Who wants to do a reading with me?  We’d have to come up with a theme of some sort.

Let’s see, I have a mythic story coming up based on Orpheus and Eurydice, an SF story about dead mothers, an SF story about aliens… yeah, that’s it for non-reprints.  Any theme suggestions, interested co-readers?

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4 thoughts on “WisCon Readings

  1. I have no stories sold lately, so I can’t volunteer. =( Though I’d be OK with reading something that hasn’t sold; I’ve got 1 or 2 that I really believe in.

    Was planning to try and do a reading of my novel, too, though I don’t know if that dovetails well with a group reading of short stories. (Or does it have to be short stories?)

  2. dewd, is THAT why you haven’t been reading at wiscon? i’ve been in a reading the past two or three years (i missed a year in there) and i didn’t have a story coming out. i have one coming out this year, though, so i’ll volunteer to read with you if you want. email me if yer interested.

    you write like crazy and people DO actually want to hear your new stuff, even if/when it hasn’t found a market yet, so please, read every year!

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