My Friends and Feeds List, A Snapshot:

OMG Dollhouse was the best thing I have ever seen!

OMG Dollhouse was a piece of shit!

OMG Dollhouse, I am so excited and Eliza is hot.

Dollhouse: Snarky snark snark, it was a piece of shit.


DOLLHOUSE I loved it!



Valentine’s Day sucks


Dollhouse: Snarky snark snark, it was a piece of shit.

OMG Joss Whedon is a genius!

Valentine’s Day is damn awesome

Joss, I love you!

Joss, when I find you, I will shiv you


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9 thoughts on “My Friends and Feeds List, A Snapshot:

  1. *dies*

    dude, what else are a bunch of your geeky friends going to talk about the morning after the premiere of a new Joss Whedon show?

  2. But if I don’t watch it, how would I be able to tell people why they are wrong for liking it?

  3. tempest rocks! that was my lol for the day.

    haven’t watched it yet, but will on hulu after i’ve been to the gym. then i’ll blog, oh, will i blog.

  4. I always loved Buffy. And although it was far from perfect, I found the story of Firefly compelling, so I really WANTED to like Dollhouse. It left me feeling…nauseous. And a little humiliated. I would LOVE to read what you have to say about it…

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