Just Wondering: How Many Webzines Offer Downloadable Versions?

Just Wondering: How Many Webzines Offer Downloadable Versions?

Like the title says. I’m a mobile gal, and most of my reading is done on my commute or while out. I don’t mind whipping out the netbook for reading, but doing so on my phone would work, too. I’d like to read more short fiction, therefore I’d like more of it to be mobile. So, this got me wondering how many online magazines even offer a downloadable version of their fiction. Anyone wanna enlighten me?

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6 thoughts on “Just Wondering: How Many Webzines Offer Downloadable Versions?

  1. … I don’t know about any. I use Instapaper when I want to read something offline; I read all the way through Transcriptase that way. Tor offers *books* for pdf download, which is not the same thing.

  2. IIRC, OG’s Speculative Fiction is in PDF format so downloadable.

    Not aware of downloadable content for Strange Horizons, or Fantasy, or Beneath Ceaseless Skies, or Abyss & Apex.

    I think Black Gate released a PDF copy of issue 12 but I don’t think that’s planned as a regular feature (they are print, not on-line, normally).

  3. I’m pretty sure that it’s either/or. The online magazine is either web only, or downloadable only, or the online content differs from the downloadable content. That doesn’t seem to be exactly what you’re asking, though. Off the bat, there’s IGMS, GUD, and Shiny.

    I tend to just copy-and-paste web content, print, or save HTML files and read them on my Eee.

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