Gah! I Suuuuck :(

So, even though I put up a post about it and stuff, I didn’t get my WisCon panel descriptions in before the deadline!  Between my jobs and racefail and then Comicon, the deadline completely whizzed past me.  Plus, I had wanted to come up with panel descriptions for two of them and couldn’t for some reasons.  Now they will not happen.


I’m very sad.

(Even worse, the ones I really wanted in wouldn’t fit in at Readercon or anything, so I can’t even suggest them elsewhere. Foo.)

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5 thoughts on “Gah! I Suuuuck :(

  1. Impromptu programming: we haz it!

    At Wiscon in 2007 we came up with, reserved space for, publicized, and did a vid show all in the same day. I think we can definitely find a way. (If someone else didn’t submit your ideas wholesale, which would not surprise me.)

  2. I second the suggestion to Email them. They’re still a week away from the next stage in the process. They might decide your panel ideas are worth slipping in.

    Need to save the impromptu space for all _my_ panel ideas that didn’t make the cut. ;)

    Or for a Dollhouse panel, since it hadn’t aired before the deadline.

  3. 1-You don’t suck

    2-If WisCon doesn’t work out, there’s always Think GalactiCon in Chicago, June 26-28. It grew out of some Chicago anarchists’ experience with WisCon and reflects a radical leftist feminist pov, so your ideas will fit right in. There were also a bunch of WisCon folks there last time, and I would imagine there will be more this summer.
    Check it out,
    (yes, I am on the concom)

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