Calling Everyone Who Digs Time Lords

chicksdigI know, I KNOW. I am horrendously late informing you of this event. I cannot explain myself except to say that I have been horrendously busy and thought I’d done at least some of this promotion before now. I suck.

But you’re not doing anything important on Friday night, so please come:

The Chicks Dig Time Lords anthology is a celebration of Doctor Who from the perspective of female fans. Join us as we read our essays, talk smack about the Doctors we love (and hate), the compaions we cheer for (and hate), and the Whoniverse we adore.

Contributors Catherynne M Valente, Franesca Coppa, Deborah Standish, and K. Tempest Bradford will be there along with cover artist and Torchwood Babiez co-creator Katy Shuttleworth.

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