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    • My #GivingTuesday Recommendations
      It’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and the hashtag of the day is #GivingTuesday. This is the day to raise awareness for charitable causes that could use your dollars just as much (or more!) as retail stores. I am intimately involved with many charitable causes that I think deserve your ...
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    • November Short Story SacrificeNovember Short Story: Sacrifice [Sneak A Peek Patrons Only]
      The kitchen was George's favorite room. It was here that he felt the difference between his old life and his new one the most. In essentials, the house in Illyria wasn't that different from the one he and his wife had sold before moving here. Two bedrooms, two and a half baths, living room, dining room, rec room, basement. But the kitchen had the majority of the major appliances, all Illyrian-made, humming with puissance. The fridge that held food in suspended animation so it never went bad, no matter how long you left it in; the oven that brought food to the exact right temperature faster than a microwave; the dishwasher that used no water or soap yet produced clean dishes in under two minutes and made their pots and pans look like new again.

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