Wiscon 35: Safer Space for POC – Ideas, Discussion

Wiscon 35: Safer Space for POC - Ideas, Discussion

As part of my duties for the WisCon 35 programming committee, I’ve been put in charge (officially) of the Safer Space for POC at the con. Essentially they’d like me to address any issues the community has with said space and make it as useful and comfortable as it can be. Thus, I’m opening up the discussion here to make sure I address issues I’m not aware of. Hopefully, even though this is online, we’ll get a mostly representative mix of ideas and concerns.

First thing: the Safer Space is still in the Solitaire Room this year, just like last year. I remember hearing people complain that this ended up being a detriment as it is so out of the way. However, it’s too late at this point to move it this year. Next year, perhaps. The reason it ended up in the Solitaire Room (from what I understand) was to cut down on gawkers.

One solution to this issue is to plan events and meetups in the space to encourage people to come. And I wouldn’t mind having a lunch together again. The concom also said they’d look into having a coffee/tea service in the room.

So, my question to the WisCon-attending POC out there is: how can we make this room more useful to you beyond the basic function? Are there things you want to happen that didn’t last year? Events you want to see continue? Suggestions, comments, issues, cookies in the comments below! However, if there’s anything you’d like to bring up with me privately, please use the contact form on my website if you don’t know my email or message me on Facebook. I can keep your concerns private/anonymous if need be.

2 thoughts on “Wiscon 35: Safer Space for POC – Ideas, Discussion

  1. I didn’t get to visit it last year but I remember being glad it was there. And meals there is a great idea. Is it possible for us to get a little buffet type thing going so we don’t have to sit in that setup?

  2. I was there last year (though I won’t be this year). I actually liked the space, and the fact that there were no gawkers — but it needs to be advertised better to the people that need it, b/c it was hard to find. But also, the conference-table setup was kind of chilling — made it feel more like a boardroom than a space for relaxed discussion. Can a different setup be put together? Maybe small tables, maybe some couches?

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