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Who Should I Be Reading?

I mentioned to several people at WisCon this year that I want and need to get back into reading blogs. Last week I went through and did some maintenance on my LJ account, so I’m all set with LiveJournal. But I’m still behind on adding feeds from folks who have stand-alone blogs like myself.

So I though I would ask, which blogs that deal with science fiction/fantasy/genre/arts would you recommend? I’d like to know, even if it seems obvious that I should or would be reading said blog. I’ve been out of the loop, so I’m missing a lot.


  1. Kay Holt Kay Holt on 01.06.2010 at 09:08 [link] (Reply)

    There’s the Science in My Fiction blog: http://crossedgenres.com/simf

    I’d rec them, but I suspect you’re already reading Tobias Buckell’s and Jay Lake’s blogs. :)

    Geek Girls Network is also fun: http://geekgirlsnetwork.com/

    Good luck!

  2. Aline Aline on 01.06.2010 at 09:09 [link] (Reply)

    I am a Brazilian who loves writing, hope you enjoy visitng the blog. I would recommend starting at http://hecticattic.com/?m=200906

  3. LaShawn LaShawn on 01.06.2010 at 13:29 [link] (Reply)

    I’ll start with the obvious, Tor.com. I’ll also mention io9.com for its sheer awesomeness. It’s where I found the picture for Velma the Vampire Slayer, which became a tshirt at Threadless.com.

    And I’ll be remiss if I didn’t mention my own blog, Cafe in the Woods (can be found at my LJ name: TboneJenkins). Though if I mention it, that means I need to actually start posting again…

  4. J. Andrews J. Andrews on 01.06.2010 at 22:07 [link] (Reply)

    Scalzi’s Whatever. Jeff VanderMeer’s Ecstatic Days.

    And Clarion (‘east’, ucsd) has a new blog:

  5. Jonathan Jonathan on 02.06.2010 at 11:53 [link] (Reply)

    Along with Scalzi and VanderMeer, I would recommend A Dribble of Ink, World in A Satin Bag, and Mark Charan Newton’s blogs. Charles Tan has a nice link roundup over at Bibliophile Stalker. Good luck in your search!

  6. Niall Niall on 02.06.2010 at 11:58 [link] (Reply)

    I’m assuming livejournal includes Dreamwidth. In terms of relatively new or have moved, I’d recommend Matt Denault’s Lingua Fantastika, Mark Charan Newton, AfroCyberPunk, and Gwyneth Jones. Babel Clash keeps hosting interesting conversations. And I assume you’re already reading Karen Burnham and Abigail Nussbaum, and the World SF news blog. For general lit coverage, including sf, Eve’s Alexandria. Oh, and Lara Buckerton’s Quiche Straight from the Bucket, if you think, as I do, that this is awesome.

  7. Sonya Sonya on 03.06.2010 at 18:49 [link] (Reply)

    Try this one if you haven’t already:


    Even if you look at nothing but the Agent Spotlight, this blog is totally worth some time.

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