Boring Website Stuff Made Exciting With Exclamation Points

Boring Website Stuff Made Exciting With Exclamation Points

Finally switched over to my new host. Finally got all of my data over to said new host. New host restored WordPress databases! Love new host to death so far. DNS propagation went smoothly, yay! Upgrade to WordPress 2.5 went smoothly, yay! The WP future post function now finally woks for the first time evar, yay, yay, yay! Put in a bunch of new plugins so I can pretend to be as awesome as Mary Robinette, yay! Completely forgot that the crossposter doesn’t work with WP 2.5, boo. So no one on LJ saw this post from yesterday, boo. This will be my first test of the upgrade, yay! My comments now have avatars, yay! I decided to upload my own avatars for that, so went with people of color from SF TV shows and movies. I think I got everyone from the TV shows I watch, and I have Will Smith + some Matrix people. But I need more! Suggestions? In the comments, yay! Which can now be threaded, yay! WordPress is awesome, yay!


  1. tempest says

    Old host:

    New host: Lunarpages! I think I have an affiliate link or something somewhere around here, but I can’t find it.

  2. says

    Boo for crossposter not working! Though my own wordpress is a ghost town, so it doesn’t really matter for me) anyway.

    Is there a place I can view your avatars? I want to see what you’ve got before I start makign suggestions all willy-nilly.

  3. tempest says

    Thanks Jeremy :)

    Laya, you should be able to see them all here. I’d love to get about 100 so I can restrict some to frequent commenters.

  4. says

    Did you get the crossposter sorted out? The developer seems to have abandoned it, but the Google discussion is full of solutions to the minor problem that 2.5 introduced.

  5. tempest says

    eek, is there a problem with 2.5? I haven’t encountered it yet. All I know is that it crossposted ;)

  6. says

    Yeah, the plugin references a file that was removed in 2.5 — but if you upgraded by copying the new files without deleting the old ones (as I usually do) you won’t notice the problem.