Today @ Fantasy

Today @ Fantasy

Over the next few weeks we’re rolling out some new features at Fantasy Magazine. One that we’re very excited about is Puppet Strings, a cousin to our Author Spotlights. Once or twice a month a Fantasy author will give you a sneak peek into the magic behind their fiction–be it the inspiration, the writing process, the research, or whatever else. Then for the next five days the author will answer questions and participate in discussion about their story.

Our first author is Darja Malcolm-Clarke, author of His One True Bride.  She talks about the background behind her inspiration, which is wide ranging and very interesting:

I love the idea that a spontaneous, violent physical reaction is the only possible response to being separated from the divine after it being so close (whatever form He or She might take, and through whatever belief system). That is how I imagine being in contact with the divine must be: it undoes you. There’s no going back.

Read it here. Also, Darja will answer questions about her Puppet Strings post and discuss His One True Bride until Sunday evening.  So go and discuss, question, poke, and be impressed.

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