Things I Want To Do

  1. Go to SmallCon. I probably can’t, though, since I’m going to World Fantasy at the end of that month.
  2. Go to JemCon. Do not judge me. Again, I probably can’t go since I need to reserve the vacation days for World Fantasy. Still, it’s very tempting to try and go just for the weekend. I would need someone to go with me as I’ll know no one there. And transport. Sigh. SIGH, I said.
  3. Go to World Fantasy. I’m covering this for the day job, yet I sill have to use vacation days. I am making this face –> :/
  4. Go to DragonCon. Can’t go, have to go to Germany, instead. I know, life is hard.

What do you want to do?

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4 thoughts on “Things I Want To Do

  1. Since it’s the 25th anniversary, I’m not that surprised that there’s a JemCon. But the fact that this is JemCon FIVE!? Now that’s outrageous. Truly, truly, truly outrageous. I hear Barbie and the Rockers are going to be in a shitty hotel down the street, drinking themselves into oblivion out of jealousy.

    I wish I could go to DragonCon, too. One of these years…

  2. I wish you could go to Dragon*Con. Then I could tell everyone I’m you. Because we totally look alike, except for the part where we so don’t.

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