The internet brings out the best in people

I’m always amazed at how many creative, talented, and funny people come out of the woodwork whenever there’s some kind of contest or challenge like the Fark Photoshop things or the “Make McCain Interesting” thing that Stephen Colbert started.  I’ve watched far too many of these, but here are my favorites:

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5 thoughts on “The internet brings out the best in people

  1. Stop distracting me from my writing with your pointless yet hilarious and socially relevant parodies!!!

    Seriously, I think the Madonna one made me wet myself laughing.

  2. That Matrix one is the best fucking thing ever. They timed McCain’s facial expressions to the movements *perfectly*.

  3. My favorite is watching Michael Dorn’s oft-deployed “what the fuck kind of infuriating evil is that on the viewscreen!?” look in response to McCain…awesome

  4. Thank you for my afternoon laugh…that was great…. the facial expressions in the matrix one was fantastic..!

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