Technology Meetup at WisCon

Technology Meetup at WisCon

I’m almost completely sure I did not see a netbook panel for WisCon this year (had to go though aaaaalllll the items the other week). Would anyone have interest in an informal technology meetup at WisCon where folks can talk about their netbooks, tablets, phones and other cool tech, others can ask questions and play with said cool tech, and we can pow wow about the tech we care about and why? There’s got to be some sort of feminist theme in there, right?

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6 thoughts on “Technology Meetup at WisCon

  1. You already know I’m perfectly willing to have people fondle my Sony Reader, so sure.

  2. Well, I’m in, except I’d want to squee about my iPhone and iPad and I know you wouldn’t like that. But I ALWAYS want to play with your tech, Tempest. ;)

  3. I’d be very interested in hearing if anyone has experience
    With assistive tech and new tools.

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