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ORIGINality #10: More Capable Spy Women

In this episode Aleen interviews Antony Johnston, author of The Coldest City, which was turned into the movie Atomic Blonde. We talk about the process of having ones art transformed into a different medium, women spies and why there weren’t enough of them in our childhoods, and how ideas come back around even after you’ve put them away for a while.

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Originality 9: Investing in Art

In this episode Aleen and I talk about how artists go about getting support for their endeavors. Not just selling their stuff, but getting people to invest in them via crowdfunding, patronage, and the like. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, obviously, as I’m currently supported in part by folks on Patreon. However, I put off doing that for almost a year because I was afraid to ask for that support and didn’t feel I deserved it. We talk about that and more.

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And I’d love to hear from other writers, artists, musicians, and creatives about how you put yourself out there for investiture.

S J Tucker

Originality episodes 7 & 8 with S. J. Tucker

Our first two-part episode! I interviewed musician S. J. Tucker and the conversation was so rich and full of awesome that we split the discussion of it in two.

Episode 7, Will the Universe Take Care of Me?, is about how Sooj came to be a vagabond musician who made her living almost exclusively from her artistic talents. Episode 8, A Song-Shaped Butterfly Net, is all about collaboration. Both episodes feature snippets of her songs, which you will love, and the show notes have many links to where you can hear more and buy her stuff.

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ORIGINality #6 – Engage the Hashtagery!

In this episode we talk to author Dan Moren, a tech journalist turned SF novel writer. …waitaminit…

It’s funny because I don'[t think Dan and I have ever met even though we really should have, given how much of our careers cross the streams. We’ll both be at WorldCon in Helsinki, though, where we will see each other across a room, go WAIT WE HAVE MET OMG and spend the rest of the con going around like we’ve been buds since forever.

Until then, you can enjoy the conversation Aleen and I have about him, his autographing skills, and other important creativity-related issues.

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ORIGINality #5 – 73 Million Blank Notebooks

It’s the Bullet Journal episode! Yep, we’re all about the BuJo here, except I try not to use the word “bujo” because… well… bujo.

I’ve had kind of a rocky relationship with the whole concept of bullet journaling, but, as I talk about in this episode, once I found an article that explained them in a way that made me feel like I could use and benefit from the system, I got into it. And it helped me find a use for the 73 million blank notebooks I have lying around. Hopefully this episode will do the same for those of you who’ve considered a bullet journal but get intimidated out of trying it by Instagram.

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