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Pre-Write-A-Thon Nattering: How many people does it take to raise $1000?

Pre-Write-A-Thon Nattering: How many people does it take to raise $1000?

Last year when I set my goal of getting $1000 in pledges I at first thought: “Maybe that’s too high. It would mean either getting a few people to pledge a LOT or far too many to pledge a little.” However, once I actually broke down the numbers, I found that to be untrue.

$1000 breaks down to about $170/week. So if I get 17 people to pledge $10/week, I can reach my goal. If 9 people pledge $20/week, I’ll make my goal and a bit more. Or, one could think of it in a flat rate kind of way. If 20 people pledge $50, I’ll make my goal. Or 40 people pledging $25. I know at least 40 people who can spare $25, and I’ll bet you each know 10 people who’d be willing to donate $25.

So really, this goal is not at all tough to reach. It just requires spreading the word and finding people who have a little money to spare.

If I were to raise my stakes to a goal of $1500, how many people would it take to make that happen?

$250/week. 25 people pledging $10/week. 13 people pledging $20/week. 40 people pledging $40.

It can be done.


  1. Velma Velma on 05.06.2009 at 11:14 [link] (Reply)

    I’m in for $50. Have I missed the place to sign up? What with Soren coming home this week, my online reading has been sporadic.

    1. tempest tempest on 07.06.2009 at 22:18 [link] (Reply)

      Nope, you didn’t miss! I had not yet put up the information. Now it is up: http://tempest.fluidartist.com/2009writeathon/

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