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My Favorite Fiction from September 2012

My Favorite Fiction from September 2012

This month, the list is rather long. This explains my lateness in putting up this post (sort of… I’m also lazy!). I discovered a cache of new magazines this month, thus adding greatly to the number of stories I read and liked.

Several weeks ago I lamented about the fact that there weren’t many markets for long stories such as novellas and novelettes. As a result, people kept suggesting markets to me. I was reminded that Electric Velocipede takes longer stuff, and introduced to GigaNotoSaurus and The Red Penny Papers, which both take novelettes. I’ll put up a post later this week with a longer list.

As always, I welcome any discussion of these stories in the comments. let me know if you liked them or not and why an feel free to tell me I’m wrong and have bad taste! Also, consider dropping a comment where the option is available on the original stories.

Visit my Favorite Fiction tag to see all the other short stories I’ve liked so far this year.


  1. Carrie Cuinn Carrie Cuinn on 10.10.2012 at 18:55 [link] (Reply)

    Thank you so much for reading, and mentioning, my story!

  2. Su J. Sokol Su J. Sokol on 14.10.2012 at 15:26 [link] (Reply)

    Thanks so much for choosing my story for your list. I think that your criticism of how it rambled a bit in the middle was fair. I struggled with that and I guess I lost the struggle. I hope to read all of the other stories on your list eventually. So far I have read “Secrets of the Sea”, “The Harpy” and “muo-ka’s Child” and enjoyed all three.

    1. tempest tempest on 14.10.2012 at 22:40 [link] (Reply)

      Well it didn’t ramble so much that I lost interest, so there is that :) I’m glad you like the other stories so far!

  3. [...] K. Tempest Bradford listed three of our stories among her favorites for September.  Which three?  There’s only one way to find out. [...]

  4. jenn brissett jenn brissett on 02.01.2013 at 11:00 [link] (Reply)

    Thanks for reading and mentioning my story! (and I would never say my work is all SF ;-) )

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