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My Back Is Crying

My Back Is Crying

As I mentioned previously, I am in need of a mattress. Not having found any other viable option for collecting money from folks who want to contribute to buying it for me, I’ll have to go with PayPal and just deal with the fees. Since I have a business account, they are unavoidable. *mutter* Hopefully whatever people can give, it’ll cover what PayPal takes.

I spent this weekend visiting mattress showrooms in an attempt to find something that didn’t cost too much that was also comfortable all while trying to avoid used car salesman tactics. I still have one place to visit later this week, but it looks like the mattress I’m going to buy is this one from Keetsa, even though it is over $650. The less expensive one is nice, but too squishy for me. And considering my back problems, I need the firmness most of all.

My back is very upset with me right now because I spent the whole day showing it what things could be like at night, and now I have returned to my horrible, sagging mattress of doom. My hope is to buy something just after Christmas, if the money is available. Though Keetsa doesn’t appear to have sales ever. Bummer.

Anyway, I set up a donation button on my blog so my family can easily find it. I’ve let everyone know that I don’t want anything for Christmas except funds toward the mattress. I don’t know whether they will be able to give me enough to cover the cost, but every bit helps. Everyone’s belt is tight, I know. At this point, I am considering selling stuff just to make this happen, before my spine decides to disintegrate.


  1. mensley mensley on 12.12.2010 at 03:51 [link] (Reply)

    Not in a position to donate due to unemployment, but have to say that the firmer Keetsa seems very much like the solution we found. A very firm independent coil base with good foam on top. We were given a Simmons firm and we added a 2″ natural latex topper. That combo has helped my back and both of our sleep apnea / snoring issues quite dramatically. Good luck! A good bed is worth every penny, like good shoes. Save up and get the better one, as it will pay off in the long run.

    The hard part about mattress shopping is that what’s comfy for 30 seconds in the showroom might not be comfortable four hours into a night of sleeping, much less eight. I like the firm indy springs for support, but with a nice layer of high-quality high-density foam like latex or memory to help prevent soreness and for comfort when not back sleeping.

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