1. Veronica Schanoes says

    Oh, for fuck’s sake. She’s married to Jonathan Ross, yes? Who regularly belittles women, calls them “sluts,” talks about whether or not he’d fuck them, and so forth? Women who are people’s daughters too, right? But Seanan’s tweets are unacceptable? I don’t think so. She’s got no moral high ground.


  1. […] K. Tempest Bradford offers her take on the (since resolved) spat between Seanan McGuire and Jane Goldmann, wife of Jonathan Ross, while John Picacio apologises to Jonathan Ross and his family on behalf of the SFF community for being made to feel bad, while while J.B. Whelan at Nighthawk Postcards apologises to Seanan McGuire for falling for the UK media version of the story. Kari Sperring wonders why it’s the women, both Seanan McGuire and Jane Goldman and her daughters, who are being targeted here, […]