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Coming Soon: My stories in Dark Faith: Invocations and Diverse Energies

Coming Soon: My stories in Dark Faith: Invocations and Diverse Energies

Those of you who view the blog proper may notice a couple new covers on the sidebar. I have stories in two anthologies coming out this fall and I’m very excited about both.

Dark Faith Invocations

The first one to come out will be Dark Faith: Invocations. From the Apex website:

Religion, science, magic, love, family — everyone believes in something, and that faith pulls us through the darkness and the light. The second coming of Dark Faith cries from the depths with 26 stories of sacrifice and redemption.

My story is “The Birth of Pegasus”. The full TOC is here and includes such awesome authors as Nisi Shawl, Jeffrey Ford and Tim Pratt. It launches at WorldCon in Chicago. If you won’t be there but want to pre-order a copy, click here. (You can get 10% off with coupon code: DFBradford)


Next is Diverse Energies, a YA dystopian anthology where all the stories feature characters of color. It will be out in October. I’m sharing a TOC with Ursula K LeGuin. I have not yet stopped doing the boggie about that.

You can’t pre-order Diverse Energies yet but I’ll let you know when you can.

What do you think of the covers?


  1. James Davis Nicoll James Davis Nicoll on 18.07.2012 at 11:18 [link] (Reply)

    Paolo “I could only find one person in all China with whom I could bond over how awful the Chinese are” Bacigalupi is an interesting choice for such an anthology.


    1. tempest tempest on 18.07.2012 at 13:41 [link] (Reply)

      Agreed. But then I’m not the editor…

      1. James Davis Nicoll James Davis Nicoll on 18.07.2012 at 15:17 [link] (Reply)

        I guess at least it’s not a Mike Resnick story.


        (checks TOC)


        Well, I am sure your story will be good.

        1. James Davis Nicoll James Davis Nicoll on 19.07.2012 at 09:42 [link] (Reply)

          Oh, wait: Resnick is in the Dark Faith one. Lost track of whose TOC I was looking at. Oh, well. Wouldn’t be a proper day if I did not make a bone-headed error.

  2. N. K. Jemisin N. K. Jemisin on 18.07.2012 at 14:17 [link] (Reply)

    The boggie? Is that like, the wop and the boogie had a baby? ::runs away::

    Congrats on the forthcomings!

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