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More Proof That I Am Actually A White Person

More Proof That I Am Actually A White Person

That headline will be massively funny to those who were up ’til all hours Sunday night at World Fantasy. For the rest of you: Have you seen the video where the store employees show that the Face Tracking software on HP’s computers don’t track black faces? If you haven’t, go look now, it is really […]

A Cold Day In Hell: I’m Actually On FOX’s Side For Once

A Cold Day In Hell: I'm Actually On FOX's Side For Once

Over on Tor.com I’ve got a piece up priasing FOX for its decision to cancel Dollhouse. I know, a bunch of you will disagree. A whole bunch of you won’t, though! I hope you’ll join me in supporting FOX at this difficult time. I wonder if I should grab up the URL dontsavedollhouse.com? Because there […]

A Clarification for Kathryn Cramer

A Clarification for Kathryn Cramer

I am aware of some of your claims of civil rights violations that you mention here. And hey, I might even believe that you’re telling the truth about these incidents. None of what you describe comes as a complete surprise given other incidents I’ve read about and attitudes I’ve come across. You probably didn’t read […]

The Predictable Flounce

Kathryn Cramer has taken down/edited her post from yesterday and I am not surprised… which is why I have a screencap with the first 5 comments. I’ll put it up later today.

New Icon

This won’t be one of my LJ icons because of LJ’s stupid size restrictions, but it will show up on the main blog whenever appropriate:

That Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

That Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

Every time I get involved in some drama online I am sure to hear from someone who thinks I’m just an awful, awful person who should shut up. This is not uncommon amongst people who post about race/gender/sexual orientation/etc. shenanigans. I have my special box of trolls just like most other activists do. I got […]

In Which Harlan Ellison Has Things To Say

In Which Harlan Ellison Has Things To Say

I actually thought I was done posting about this. Hm. Okay, so a couple of days ago someone told Harlan Ellison about the Realms art/cover/boob discussion thing going on but, apparently, did not actually send him links or anything, just told him “Hey, some woman somewhere is calling Realms’ publisher a sexist!” or somesuch. Internet […]

Follow up to yesterday’s Realms discussions

Doug Cohen responds here. Also, this: From commenter Charlotte. ETA: fixed the image. stupid hotlinking!

New Writers? GTFO

New Writers? GTFO

Speaking of Realms of Fantasy, I was just paging through the new issue when I came across a letter from the editor, Shawna McCarthy, in the back. Here’s an interesting quote: Without the magazines providing both a training ground and a platform for young writers, the genre publishing industry will be severely hampered–writers without track […]

Realms of Covers

Realms of Covers

A couple of weekends ago at ReaderCon I got the chance to see the newest issue of Realms of Fantasy, the magazine that, earlier this year, was canceled by the company that owned it. Publisher Warren Lapine bought the magazine because he saw that there was a groundswell of online activism around saving it. RoF […]

My (Long Overdue) Thoughts on the Dollhouse Finale

Over at Fantasy Magazine: Eliza Dushku has had the opportunity to dazzle us with the range of her acting over the course of this season. She did not. In this final episode she had one more chance to shine. She had a great example before her — Alan Tudyk as Alpha struggling with the different […]

It’s nice not to be the one talking about how wrong Gordon is for once

It's nice not to be the one talking about how wrong Gordon is for once

Instead, Scalzi is the one who steps up to tell Gordon off. Not that he didn’t deserve it. Welcome to the club!

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