The Interfictions Auctions Ends Today, Help us Raise $400 More Dollars

The Interfictions Auctions Ends Today, Help us Raise $400 More Dollars

In a few hours the last of the Interfictions auctions will come to an end. Bidding closes on two around noon eastern time and then thereafter until around 7PM eastern. The last seven pieces are so beautiful and wonderful and amazing that I insist you bid! I’ve set a personal goal: I’d like to raise $400 with these last auctions, but that can only happen if you go and enter a minimum bid.

Now I obviously know that budgets are tight and all, and I certainly don’t want you to bid more than you can afford. But I bet that you can afford one of those pieces at the current bid, so why not go try? You might be outbid, but that’s okay. You still took a chance! And don’t be afraid of outbidding others. If they want it, they’ll come back and claim it.

Here are my thoughts and favorite things about each of the pieces:

All Valentines are One Valentine — When I was taking pictures of this box my roommate came in and sat just starting at it for 30 minutes. It tends to capture people and engage them deeply. I particularly love the bits of story written on different parts of the mask. And, according to Shadesong, the text written on the blue part of the mask is actually fanfiction. Fanfiction, people! In mask form! The interplay between the parts of the mask, like slices of a person, with the colors and the text is so masterfully done  that I could just stare at it all day.

Gilded Cage — Cris completed this piece just a little while ago so we slid it in right at the end. She’d already photographed a bunch of the auction pieces yet still found time to do this. I’m so glad as I’m a huge fan of her necklaces (I own three!) and this is no exception. I’m also really, really glad that she chose Genevieve Valentine’s piece since that’s one of my favorites in IF2 (in the annex). The bees and the lock and the color of the beads so perfectly encapsulate the beauty and majesty and terror and pain the character experiences in the story. Plus, it’s just damn beautiful.

Berry Moon — I’m sad that we could never get pictures that truly do this skirt justice. It’s not only beautiful, but the material it’s made out of feels so damn GOOD. It’s a wrap skirt and can fit a variety of sizes because the final hole for the tie hasn’t been sewn in yet. The artist, Pam Noles, did that so whoever won could size it to their needs. She’ll even make the adjustment for you. If you’re a fan of wrap skirts, of purple, of beautiful clothes, or want to give someone a fabulous handmade and possibly unique gift, go bid now! I will throw a fit if it goes for less than $100.

Valentines — Yes, there were a lot of pieces based on this story, but this one is (I think) the only one that represents a collaboration between the artist and author. From the statement:

Shira Lipkin and I collaborated on this project, working together to record the story in as many different forms as possible: audio on cassette tape and CD, video on DVD, handwritten on parchment, computer printed on paper. I then shattered the disks, tore the paper, and cut the tape into small fragments and used one fragment from each medium in this piece…

People, do you realize how insanely cool that is? Pieces of story recorded, deconstructed, and made into wearable art. How is that not something you want to own?

A Chain of Memories — This charm necklace is yet another fantastic embodiment of Shadesong’s story and also includes bottles for storing messages. Plus, you can add your own charms to it over time, thus adding to the story, and wear it in several different ways. I love the idea that, by wearing this, you’re participating in the IF2 story and creating a new version of it simply by existing.

The Quiz — Handmade journals are always a hit with me. This one is small, too, so would easily fit in a pocket. Yes, I’m bidding on it. If I win, I’ve decided to write bizarre quiz questions inside it and get other people to write in answers. We’ll see what the end product looks like, but I bet it’ll be cool. Maybe I’ll auction that off next year. Just because I’m bidding and plan to do this cool thing doesn’t mean YOU cannot bid and do cool things with this piece. Make me work for it!

What He Said — This pendant says: “Maybe we can not belong together”. I want it just for that. Belonging is something I think all people crave, though in different degrees and in different ways. The IAF is about bringing together artists who don’t belong and giving them a sort of belonging while not trying to take away the good that can come from not belonging. If that makes sense. Art often arises from tensions, and being outside, being in-between, being liminal is a great source of tension. It also helps when you can be around people who get that and celebrate it. That’s what this pendant is: the IAF in jewelry form.

Click here to visit the auction site and bid. Seriously, I want to raise $400 today and you can all help. Last time I checked, current bids put us at $277 for the day. So just $123 to go!  Help us get there. Look at these with an eye toward something you’d like for yourself or for a friend or family member. Bid what you can and spread the word.

The Jewelry I Made This Weekend

The Jewelry I Made This Weekend

For those of you not subscribed to the Raven’s Nest feed (or the LJ syn, it exists!), here are the pieces I made this weekend based on the votes and such:

Optimism in the Face of Darkness
Optimism in the Face of Darkness

Sanguine Spring Pendant
Sanguine Spring Pendant

Sanguine Spring Bracelet
Sanguine Spring Bracelet

They are for sale. Just click the pics. (You’ll be able to see hi-res images, too.)

There’s also a new Reader’s Choice today in honor of Jill Sobule, one of my favorite musicians. She has a new album out soon.

Sound Wave Bracelet

This is so cool.  The Sound Advice Project is a website where you can record a short message to your kids which is translated into a visual representation of soundwaves which is then turned into a bracelet you can give your kid. It’s really awesome! You can customize the colors and the prices look very reasonable — $18 – $25 or so for a bracelet.

I found this on Popgadget and I agree that it would make a great gift for anyone.  Imagine recording “Will You Marry Me?” and then giving it as a gift?

I can already see the awesome possibilities in custom jewelry — take the sound wave bit and create a necklace for it, or even make a long, dangly earring.

If I were creating a special piece of jewelry for someone, I’d definitely consider this.

The Return of Shiny Things

The Return of Shiny Things

In between the 10 million other things I have been and need to be doing, I spent a couple of hours last night updating The Raven’s Nest, my little portfolio/blog for jewelry and prayer beads. As I mentioned not too long ago, I want to start beading again to make a little extra money. Now more than ever, right?

The site is now all controlled via WordPress with galleries conveniently taken care of by the Flickr Photo Album plugin. There’s an RSS feed and an email notification thing.  No LJ-syndication of said feed yet because I don’t have a paid account anymore. I’ll start selling stuff as soon as I make it.

Speaking of: remember me mentioning that I wanted to make a game out of it? I solidified that idea into a feature on the site called Reader’s Choice. That is, you pick the beads and the theme, I then work within those constraints. Check out the first post and vote and stuff!

Money For Nothing

This week I discovered that my workplace is raising my contribution to our health insurance to $50/paycheck.  (Before it was $30.)  I’m not too upset about that (whatever keeps my insurance from going away is fine, plus, they are paying a big chunk), but it does mean more of a crunch on my budget.  I decided that the best way to deal with it is to resolve to make fifty extra bucks a month via creative means.

In some months I’ll get money from stories I sell (and yay that), for the others I think I will again attempt to sell jewelry.  Or, I should say, I will start making jewelry again.  I haven’t for a while, mainly because I have so much else to do.

It used to be that I would make websites for extra cash.  But now that both of my jobs involve dealing with web stuff, I DO NOT want to spend my free time doing it.  At all.  Besides, Jeremy Tolbert is far better at it than me and he is more in need of serious gigs at the moment.

I think that I can swing making two reasonably priced necklaces or five $10 earrings a month.  I may even make a game out of it and solicit your participation.  That’s right, I’m making my readers my accomplices.  Mwahaha.