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The Interfictions Auctions Ends Today, Help us Raise $400 More Dollars

The Interfictions Auctions Ends Today, Help us Raise $400 More Dollars

In a few hours the last of the Interfictions auctions will come to an end. Bidding closes on two around noon eastern time and then thereafter until around 7PM eastern. The last seven pieces are so beautiful and wonderful and amazing that I insist you bid! I’ve set a personal goal: I’d like to raise […]

The Jewelry I Made This Weekend

The Jewelry I Made This Weekend

For those of you not subscribed to the Raven’s Nest feed (or the LJ syn, it exists!), here are the pieces I made this weekend based on the votes and such: Optimism in the Face of Darkness Sanguine Spring Pendant Sanguine Spring Bracelet They are for sale. Just click the pics. (You’ll be able to […]

Sound Wave Bracelet

This is so cool.  The Sound Advice Project is a website where you can record a short message to your kids which is translated into a visual representation of soundwaves which is then turned into a bracelet you can give your kid. It’s really awesome! You can customize the colors and the prices look very […]

The Return of Shiny Things

The Return of Shiny Things

In between the 10 million other things I have been and need to be doing, I spent a couple of hours last night updating The Raven’s Nest, my little portfolio/blog for jewelry and prayer beads. As I mentioned not too long ago, I want to start beading again to make a little extra money. Now […]

Money For Nothing

This week I discovered that my workplace is raising my contribution to our health insurance to $50/paycheck.  (Before it was $30.)  I’m not too upset about that (whatever keeps my insurance from going away is fine, plus, they are paying a big chunk), but it does mean more of a crunch on my budget.  I […]

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