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Selfies With Books and other things I do for my job

In addition to my weekly short fiction recs over at io9 I have some summer reading recs over at xoJane, too. There I did novels and short story collections/anthologies so everyone is covered. And I took selfies with a lot of books. This is becoming a theme in my life: selfies with products. The other […]

Pearls Before Swine – Or, Why I Bother

Pearls Before Swine - Or, Why I Bother

Just read this really excellent post at Mother Jones by Phil Plait answering the asinine questions put forth by some of the Creationists who attended the Bill Bye debate at the Creation Museum. In the comments you right away get people saying “Good on you for doing this, but why bother? Those people are so […]

Thrilling Thrillers That Thrill

Thrilling Thrillers That Thrill

I was catching up on my blog reading yesterday when I came across an old entry on Query Shark. If you follow it, you probably remember this from earlier in the month: Scott Harris gets the shock of a lifetime while burglarizing the Mayor’s home when he moves to the cellar and finds a tortured […]

5 Awesome Things Make A Tempest Happy

5 Awesome Things Make A Tempest Happy

Apex Magazine’s special Arab/Muslim issue is now live and is full of brilliant, beautiful, amazing writing. Go read. Cat Valente — editor of Apex Magazine — celebrated the release of her book this past weekend. The Habitation of the Blessed: A Dirge for Prester John vol 1 is available in many fine bookstores and in […]

And she says this without any sense of irony, too…

And she says this without any sense of irony, too...

Shorter Kathryn Cramer: How dare conventions promote panels that are hostile toward people who repeatedly engage in racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudicial speech or actions against oppressed groups within the SF community. You are making those of us who want to prop up the oppressive status quo that has served us so well feel uncomfortable, […]

Before you get too upset at Paul DiFilippo’s review of Nnedi’s book…

Before you get too upset at Paul DiFilippo's review of Nnedi's book...

Remember that he is the masshole[1] who compared including women and minorities in an anthology of science fiction stories to finding lettuce in reams of copy paper. In other words, he is not to be taken seriously at all, ever. His ignorance stands as a monument to his vast privilege wanking which stands as a […]

Random Political Blog Post

So, Carly Fiorina. I feel like that woman is really crazy and should not be a senator. But here’s some other things I do know about her. She really wanted HP to merge with Compaq. Really. She even fought the son of one of the founders of the company to make this thing happen, and […]

Realms of Fantasy: Full Of Some Ethnicity You Don’t Care To Read About

Realms of Fantasy: Full Of Some Ethnicity You Don't Care To Read About

An io9 commenter on why she won’t renew her subscription to Realms of Fantasy: I really don’t like the ethnocentric view a lot of the short stories have. I don’t really care about reading their multitudes of hispanic fantasy, or their african american fantasy. It’s just not culture I’m interested in, so I end up […]

Atheists: A Repost

Atheists: A Repost

It’s an unfortunate feature of a certain strand of contemporary atheism that it doesn’t treat religious believers as fellow humans with whom we disagree, but as tards who function primarily as objects of ridicule. And ridicule has its place. But sometimes it’s gratuitous. Sure, there are stupid/crazy religious people; there are also stupid/crazy atheists, and […]

Who Should I Be Reading?

I mentioned to several people at WisCon this year that I want and need to get back into reading blogs. Last week I went through and did some maintenance on my LJ account, so I’m all set with LiveJournal. But I’m still behind on adding feeds from folks who have stand-alone blogs like myself. So […]

5 Links Make Up for Radio Silence

5 Links Make Up for Radio Silence

I know you all think I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth. Maybe what I need to do is promise a post a day with interesting links. That would at least be something. Today at Tor.com you can see the latest installment of Tech News For Nerds, a weekly thing I’m doing over that […]

Tech That Makes Us Feel Like We’re Living In The Future

Tech That Makes Us Feel Like We're Living In The Future

Forgot to mention on Friday that over on Laptop Magazine there’s a fun post where I ask seven science fiction authors to name tech or software that makes them feel like they’re living in the future. I’m sure you can predict how many will say the iPhone, but not all of them did. My own […]

enTourage eDGe eReader rEview

enTourage eDGe eReader rEview

One of the eReaders I talked about a few weeks ago in my long post (which you need to read if you’re a writer, editor, or publisher) is now out. The enTourage eDGe dual screen eReader/Tablet has been extensively reviewed over at Laptop Magazine. Check itout, especially if you’re a student. It’s pretty cool, though […]

How To Attract A Vampire

How To Attract A Vampire

Today’s burning question: if you wish to attract a sparkling vampire to your bed, does your nether region need to sparkle, too? The answer may lie here, my friends. Do NOT click if you are not somewhere you can laugh really loud for a while. Or someplace that might object to shiny vaginas.

To all those who think the future is self publishing

Read Cat Valente’s post. Or, if you are lazy, here’s the takeaway: No one goes around suggesting that everyone should become their own autonomous cheesemakers and cheering the death of the cheese industry. Why? Because that would result in a lot of shitty cheese. Exactly.

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