Oh Sci-Fi Channel Movies

Oh Sci-Fi Channel Movies

Today @ Fantasy we’re talking about Sci-Fi Channel movies and why we watch them (or why we stay away).  Inspired by Genevieve’s brave forays into the living room to watch these crazy things, I thought it would make for fun discussion.  Plus we can talk about AZTEC REX and all that is wrong with it.  Join us as we laugh at the likes of Mansquito, Mr. Stich, and pre-spork the movie Genevieve just found out is coming on soon.  I’ll give you a hint:

She’s a model, he’s an elite commando.  They’re going to solve global warming — by destroying the aliens who are causing it!

You think I am lying?  I am not.

Rachel Moss and the Situation She Created

Rachel Moss and the Situation She Created

Because of what Rachel Moss did, I’m completely angry. It’s not just her stupid actions, but the domino effect of them. She cannot escape culpability in this clusterfuck because she posted that not on her LJ, which has some potential for wank, but on a website where people are encouraged to be nasty and over the top.

And of all the things that she said and did, I have to say the worst is calling Moondancer’s little boy a nasty name. I mean, as much as the rest of that is some bullshit, the rest of us are adults. We put those pics on the internet and, sad as it is, the world we live in does carry the risk of assholes deciding to use them for fun. But you do not say something like that about a random child. I fully blame her for the fact that the SASS assholes moved on from making fun of us to making fun of other kids in the Flickr pool.

Now that I’m done writing the ABW post, I’m ready to say what I think we should do about this. Attacking them will probably not work, as these are professional internet assholes with too much time on their hands as it is. I’ll write to the admins about the guy using my picture as his avatar and see if I can get that taken down. But as for the thread and the people on it? I have a suggestion.

I want a bunch of people to register at SASS and start posting to that thread. But not attacks. Because attacks won’t do any good, not unless we can find some pictures of THEM to make fun of (which I wouldn’t bother doing, anyway, because what more can you say about people with so little going on?). No, instead I think we should just start posting nothing but pictures of horses and kitties and puppies and baaaaaby animals.

And some gay porn.

We need to flood them with so much noise that they abandon the thread. If they start it elsewhere, we just do it again.

[ETA: I got bored! This is sad. One day and I’m already bored with those assholes. And unless some of the below things I want happen (not that they should), I can’t even get up the energy to care about them and their board. I still have anyone’s back who needs me to have it, but they’ve already become bogged down in their own loserness, I don’t feel the need to keep worrying about them.]

What I really want is for someone to find the real names behind some of these people and post that somewhere. But that would be wrong and probably a bit impossible. Of course what may not be impossible is hacking the boards or initiating a DoS attack. But that would be wrong, too, and I would never suggest it. I can dream, though.

Also, this is my last post on this particular blog about Rachel Moss until I am done writing up my positive WisCon posts.

Still A Nigger

Still A Nigger

Apologies to those I offend with the title.

After having to deal with much worse people throwing that word at me more times than I can count in a small span of time, I suppose I have some strength left to roll my eyes at this shit.  Someone’s using my picture as their avatar with the words 100% Nigger atop.

Oh good.

They really, really don’t know who I am, do they?

They are about to find out.

(ETA: *points and giggles at the people hitting the comment moderation queue. would feel sad they have no life, but is too busy giggling*)

I Have Not Even Begun To Be Angry

I Have Not Even Begun To Be Angry

I’m at the airport now and can’t make a proper post about the shenannigans on Something Awful surrounding WisCon but this post may help.  I checked out this fucking thread of ignorance and can’t believe some of the bullshit.  On about page 2 or 3 they start pulling images from the WisCon Flickr feed and making fun of the people (mostly women) for being fat, ugly, stupid, and more.  They even make fun of people’s kids.

Oh, fuck that.

I have a lot of words to say and some actions to do, but I want to say this one thing.  I was scrolling through the thread and looking at the pictures and, instead of being ashamed that I associate myself with such people (horrors!), I couldn’t help but think of how beautiful all those images are.  They are pictures of beautiful women of all sizes smiling, having fun, loving where they are and what they’re doing.  These are the poeple I go to WisCon to be around.  And nothing those half-brained monkeys on that forum say can make me feel any different.  You wanna call me out as a fat loser?  You go right ahead.  But it’s plainly evident that I not only have more class than you, I also have a better life and better friends.  All the evidence I need to support that statement is my lack of time spent on the internet trolling for pictures of people I don’t know in order to make fun of them for arbitrary reasons.

Get a life, you losers.  And coming from a Star Trek fan, that’s fucking sad.

(p.s. Rachel Moss just better be glad I am not still in Madison right now.)

I Am Not Dead

The evil stomach sickness of doom did indeed get me, but did not get me hard.  I had some fastpoops and some pain, but nothing very serious and it was gone in about 18 hours.  Unfortunately those 18 hours encompassed most of my panels.  Pepto did me well.  Others were not so lucky :(

More con report to come!