Now that a significant chunk of my friends have an eeepc, I am starting to feel like we’re in a gang. The small laptops are coming! They are taking over. I want a picture of everyone from Altered Fluid with one. I want us all lined up, eying Devin (who has a small laptop, but not a tiny one) with suspicion.

Anyway, this is not a meme, but it is some fun-ness. The challenge is to post pictures of your eeepc in all its glorious eeeness. Top points to shots of the eee in the wild, or somewhere fun, or doing something hilarious. Here’s mine:

My eeepc, her name is \
My eee again, but half closed

I christened her “The Maidenhead” and Mary Robinette Kowal is going to make me a custom skin with art based on Cat Valente’s book as the base. Then she will be red and piratey.

What is my eeepc doing that is interesting? It’s helping me test out the “Set White Balance” function on my camera, which I just discovered today. Hooray. (Thanks for the tip, Mary.)

I showed you mine, now show me yours! I should tag people, just to make it more meme-y. I tag coffeeandink, Eugene, and Kris.

(p.s. also, we should make our eeepictures into icons, like I did!)

Today @ Fantasy

Jeremy Tolbert Asks: How Has The Internet Changed Fandom?

Today, we see almost weekly flare-ups and controversies in this thing called the blogosphere. New movements among writers appear almost as regularly, sometimes lingering (such as the Mundane SF manifesto). They burn bright, fast, and die down, it seems, just in time for the next major brouhaha. I think that’s the downside to this ease of communication. The Internet makes everything personal. Enemies are made quickly–but friends too. Perhaps not a unique trait of the medium, but a trait nonetheless.

I’d like to invite you to talk about the ways in which the internet has helped you connect with others and what communities you have formed or joined because of it.

Go comment!  Win $10.

Hell Week!

Probably not for the reasons you think. I’m still in the midst of a hellish job hunt and I have a million billion things to do before going to WisCon and this auction is eating my brain! However, once it’s over I will have pulled off something major and raised money for IAF, so yay. But still, omg!

Speaking of, my earrings went up and everyone reading this needs to go and bid on them. Also up, a freaking gorgeous piece by Elizabeth Genco:

Black Feather by Elizabeth Genco

Based on “Black Feather” by K. Tempest Bradford, from Interfictions.

I wanted to make a piece that evoked their essence. A piece that reminded me of raven’s wings, but left plenty of room for meaning.

Anyway, now I need to write some sort of ad for myself to advertise my abilities so I can post it places people are looking for freelancers and I have no idea how to even do that. (but first I need to learn to fucking spell.) And I need to get started on Timmi’s site!

Like I said, Hell Week.

WisCon and POC – Spread the Word!

WisCon and POC - Spread the Word!

Here are the details we’ve worked out for the unofficial POC-only events @ WisCon:


Meet & Greet

After the opening ceremonies (approx 8:30PM) there will be an informal gathering of POC so that we can meet each other, plan how we’re going to deal with certain aspects of the POC space during the con, and squee over the # of us all in one place. At around 8:50 we’re going to depart for somewhere other than the lobby–perhaps someone’s room, a corner of the bar, a restaurant, wherever we decide. So be sure to be in the lobby before then!


11:45 – 1:00 PM – Intra-POC Relationships & Coalition Building Kaffeeklatsch
one of the overflow rooms on the 6th floor.

Participants of this kaffeeklatsch will be limited. (I’ll let you guess what the limitations are.) In order to avoid certain unpleasantness, there will be folks at the con with sign-up lists for this event. You’ll be able to recognize them by the buttons they wear, which will say “People Against We-Sha-Sha“. If you want to be one of the people with a sign-up list, please let me know.

(The lunch time begins at 11:15, which gives people time to hop over to the cafe to get some food if there’s nothing in the con suite they can eat. But I believe this year they are making sure there are vegetarian and vegan options.)


8:00 – 9:45AM – POC Breakfast & Con Roundup
Concourse Hotel Restaurant

Some have suggested we have a last get-together on the last day to go over our con experiences and sketch out a plan for how we’re going to deal with some of the POC-only spaces next year. I blocked out the entire early morning programming block so that people could drop in as they wake up, pop out to attend a panel, etc.

Also, now that the programming schedule is up, is anyone willing to take shifts (during one programming block, say) so we can have a POC-only lounge space?

Now that we have a day/time, is anyone able to print out a bunch of copies of the info flier so we can hand them out?

And last, I would like to have a reading with all POC participants (though the audience can be mixed, maybe?), maybe on Saturday. Is anyone interested in reading?

Spread the word, everyone! I want as many people to know about this before the con as possible, as it will facilitate getting people in the right place at the right time.

In which I am insane for about 4.5 minutes

When I was a wee one, I loved the New Kids On The Block for a minute.  I was such a dork, though, that I got into them just as everyone else was starting to realize they sucked.  But that’s okay ,because I could enjoy my love for Donnie, Danny, Joey, John and Jordon in peace.  I had all the tapes (well, not that first album, which I hear sucked), and I had two concert videos, and I had posters, but I did not have the dolls.  I had my limits.

And, of course, after a while I stopped thinking they were good and moved on to bigger and better things (Menudo!).  I remember laughing uproariously when the group came through Cincinnati as their career was on the last leg and finding out that they couldn’t even fill up a small club, whereas just a few years before the stadium tickets were sold out in 20 seconds or something.  Fame is fleeting, especially for packaged pop.

A few years ago I almost watched that VH1 reality show with the waning celebrities — The Surreal Life? — because Jordan Knight was on.  But I didn’t care enough to seek the show out and I didn’t have TiVo.  But right around then I heard rumors that some of the boys wanted to have a reunion.  I also heard (I don’t know how I hear these things) that all but John were interested.  He’d been too old for the group in the first place (originally Donnie’s little brother Mark, as in Marky Mark, as in Mark Whalberg, was supposed to be the 5th member, but he took a look at the songs and was like WTF no way, I am a hard ass!  And, as it turns out, he was.  So they recruited John.) and had settled into a normal life as an accountant or real estate agent or something.  He was now really too old for this foolishness.

But I guess they got to him.  Another VH1 show about reuniting bands decided to reunite NKOTB.  I remember hearing about that, too.  But it was a while ago.  It must have worked, or John must be feeling that mortgage crisis, because they reunioned, and now there’s an album maybe?  And also they’ll be on the Today show tomorrow.

How do I know all this?  Well, I was on a social bookmarking site and found a link to someone who has been counting down to this great moment.  When I saw the headline, I laughed, and then I thought “Hmm, nostalgia!  Maybe I should go down there and see them.  I missed out on NKOTB concerts back in the day.  And maybe they are still handsome!  And I always said I would marry Danny someday.  If Katie Holmes can do it, so can I!”

And then I saw the picture.


Why the hell am I up at 1am?

Because I had to complete some jewelry then take pictures of it.

Can I just say: taking pictures of jewelry is fucking hard! I need a better lightbox or something. Or maybe just some classes on how to get all the yellow out of images.

Anyway, the fruits of all my labor:

Inwood Hill

These are called Inwood Hill. Click the image for a bigger pic (not excessively big, tho). This is the completed version of the WiP I showed you last week. And, like I said, I was inspired by Deborah’s necklace. It’s made from glass beads, small fancy jasper, small wood beads (the red), a few glass leaves, some coral (the gold/brown), all dangling from loopy chain. You may also notice that one earring looks fuller than the other. That’s because one of the pair has two dangly chains. And if you look really close, you may see the glass black feather hidden in the woods.

The earrings are slightly heavy, but not very much so. I’m going to put them on posts with wide backs for support.

And then…

Black Feather Bracelet

That’s a bracelet. I haven’t named it yet, but it’s meant to symbolize the shirts that the sister in The Twelve Ravens/Seven Swans/etc. has to make. I used cotton ribbon and interweaved it with a metal chain (it’s sort of meant to evoke this trendy bracelet, but be more awesome) then sewed buttons on. You can wrap it around the arm 2 or 3 times, depending on the thickness of your wrist. I suppose it could also be a choker.

Those are both going up for auction soon. And then there’s The Hidden Heart:

The Hidden Heart

If you click the image, there’s an extremely large version where you can see a little more detail on the heart. I chose that bead because it has black bits at the center that look a bit like wings or birds. This is another piece based on “Black Feather”. I’m being a bit obvious with this one — hiding the heart or the core behind a bunch of restrictive chains. I’m thinking of just selling these since I have three things already going on the IAF Auction and I’d feel a bit like an attention hog if I just kept putting up my own stuff. Plus, it would be nice to make some money!

I suppose I should get to bed now…

Busy Day in the Betweenisphere

Busy Day in the Betweenisphere

Lots to do!  Firstly, you should travel on over to the IAFAuction site and bid on some stuff.  There’s plenty of stuff!  Yesterday two new auctions went up, a jewelry set and a necklace.  We only had one set sent to us for auction, and it’s really awesome.  The earrings are worth the opening bid alone!  Like, go grab that and some stuff.  The necklace is by Leslie What… yes THE Leslie What.  What more reason do you need?

Also, the auctions for Willow Pattern & And Then She Flew end soon.  Not to be pushy or anything, but that necklace based on my story is so super awesome that the bidding should go higher.  It’s based on my story, how can you not want to pay hundreds for it?  And Willow Pattern is an original Elise creation!  Even if you were to bid $80 for it you’d still be getting it for significantly less than if she just sold it.  So go bid $80!

And after all that hard selling, here’s something fun.  The third Interstitial salon started today. We’re talking about jewelry as art and as interstitial art:

We’ll be talking about creating visual art inspired by texts, about the relationships between narrative and wearable art, the cultural history of personal adornment — anything we can think of!

The conversation has already started, so join in!

Mother’s Day

This is a pretty sad Mother’s Day for me. All of my mothers are gone.

Tidmore Family Portrait

On the top row on the right is my Great-grandmother, Katie Bell Rembert (nee Finley).  On the left is her daughter, my grandmother, Anna Ree Tidmore (nee Larkin).  On the left in the second row is my mother, Marjorie T Bradford (nee Tidmore).  I’ll let you guess who that little yellow child is.

Kate died when I was about three years old, well into her 70’s (possibly 80’s).  My mother died 9 years ago, but it still really feels like yesterday for me.  My grandmother died April 13th of this year at 89.

Not pictured is my father’s mother, also no longer with me.  She died when I was around 9 or 10.

This year I get to remember them instead of sending flowers.  So it goes.

Science vs. Fantasy – Fight?

Science vs. Fantasy - Fight?

Today’s Blog For A Beer is a bit different.  I invited Mike Brotherton to expand and repost some commentary from his blog as a jumping off point for this week’s Fantasy Friday.  It’s an experiment, we’ll see how it goes.  The post is pretty interesting.

A conflict under these situations, pitting a logical scientific type against a wild-eyed believer, reason against belief, is a false conflict. Scientists are not dogmatic and their measurements, experiments, and observations can and do change their minds. Or not, in too many cases. How many times have you seen the skeptical scientist character in a story with fantastic elements mutter something like, “There must be a logical explanation,” and then go on to offer something feeble and likely stupid in face of the reality of the story? Let me illustrate this with some TV series that regularly pitted science against the fantastic.

The only real quibble I have with his thesis is the part about scientists not being dogmatic.  hahahahahahaha NO, I say.  Sure, Mike probably isn’t, but hoo boy, I have come across many dogmatics in my brief exposure to various types of sciences.  I think scientists are like any other group of people.  Some are prone to dogmatism and head in the sand behavior and some aren’t.  We’re all human (I hope), it comes with the territory.  And at least those type of scientists don’t tell me I’m going to hell.  That’s a step up!

Anyway, go read and comment, it’s sure to be an interesting discussion today.