Monthly Microfiction – June 2018 [Patrons Only]

Preppy Girl With Notebook, Antlers, And A Cup Of Tea[1]

Bob? Bob! Explain this to me. Why is this in our stock photo catelogue, Bob? What would this possibly sell or illuminate or illustrate?

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  1. Normally I link to the artist or source of these images, but I have no idea where this came from….[]
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Section 2 | Chapter 14 – #PyramidsAndPunk [Patrons Only]

This post is accessible to ALL patrons for a few reasons. First being that it’s been a few months since I’ve been able to deliver stuff to y’all consistently, and I want to thank you for your patience regarding that. Second, this chapter should be able to stand alone if you’re at all familiar with the world and the basics of the story. Third, I’m at the end of section 2 and I AM SO THRILLED TO FINALLY BE HERE and I wanna share my joy with everyone. Thanks to all the folks who’ve stuck with me through the very quiet months. :)

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Chapter 14

A shade after emerging from the world of night, born again from the womb of Nut, the Kheper-sun’s rays reached into the Beetle Bay, lighting up the seven scarab heads aligned just so to catch the earliest morning light. The light and heat grew stronger, and from within ushabAny’s machine Ibi could sense the steam begin to course through the pipes. It had taken several days of meditating while in zepitep with Atet for her to become sensitive enough to subtle energies within and around her body to identify them. Next step would be learning how to manipulate those energies. That would come later. Right now she focused on her breath, slowly pulling the air into her lungs and controlling the release, all in an effort not to let anxiety overwhelm her.

The steam pressure inside reached the optimal level and six ready bells sounded up and down the Bay.

:Let’s go,: she pulsed to all the ushabs. All seven copper scarabs of the High House rose up on their legs, stepped out of their berths, performed perfect 90 degree turns, and walked out of the Bay together into the morning light.

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Section 2 | Chapter 13 – #PyramidsAndPunk [Patrons Only]

Finally. FINALLY. I have been able to get back to writing. And this long, long overdue chapter is done. I will not blame you if you cannot remember where we left off. Click here for the TOC up to this point – only works for Patreon supporters at the $10 or up levels. (By this time next month all the chapters will be here on the Tempest blog.) On to the chapter!

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Chapter 13

After leaving Apepi’s suite, Nebthetaru didn’t make Ziwat wait long before answering the unspoken question between them.

“I won’t stand in the way of your plan,” the older kinswoman said without preamble. “You have enough support among the others that me holding firm against this would divide us in ways that are, ultimately, not to the benefit of the Kinswomen or the High House.”

“Does this mean you’ll speak in support of it?”


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Should Authors Write Characters Different From Themselves - a writing the other seminar

New Seminar: Should Authors Write Characters Different From Themselves?

We’re doing a new webinar through as an intro into our more in-depth classes. Description:

Discussions of diversity in literature often boil down to a version of this basic question: Should white authors write characters of color? Should cisgender authors write trans characters? Should abled people write characters with disabilities? Should heterosexuals write QUILTBAG characters? The list goes on.

Though framed as a yes or no question, the answer is complicated and complex. Yet it’s the same one for every permutation that gets asked. In this 3 and a half hour webinar, authors Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford will give you the answer.

When: April 21, 3PM – 6:30PM Eastern (Click to see when this happens in your time zone)

Where: Online via Zoom meeting

Price: $50

If you can’t attend the live class, there is a video only option (you just don’t get to ask questions in the live Q&A). There are scholarships and sliding scale registrations available.

For all the details, including schedule, accessibility, technical requirements, registration, and more, click over to the Writing The Other website.

ORIGINALITY Creating a Fake World People Can Believe In with Grace P Fong

Originality 20: Creating a Fake World People Can Believe In

We’re back! In this episode Aleen and I talk about my interview with artist Grace P Fong, an awesome person I met on last year’s Writing Excuses cruise. Grace’s art is so good, and I got a chance to watch her draw many times while we toured around the Baltic Sea. That trip was just a small part of a larger tour throughout the world Grace was on at the time. If you think all my moving around is impressive, you should have seen her itinerary. Months and months, multiple continents, visiting friends and having new experiences. In our interview she talked about how this travel makes for better art, about mind palaces, and about what it takes to create something that isn’t real from studying what is.

You can listen to the podcast below or on the episode page where you can see the show notes and also subscribe.

Novelette and Novella Writing Workshop with Nisi Shawl

Class Coming Up This Summer: Novelette & Novella Writing Workshop

Nisi and I are giving a writing workshop class focusing on novelettes and novellas since there are quite a few more avenues for publishing them these days. The majority of the workshop will be about critiquing student manuscripts, though there will be some discussion of the long short story/short novel form as well as other elements of craft. It happens in June and July, so you have time to get a manuscript ready!

If you’re interested in this workshop and you’re a past student of ours or a writer of color/Native writer, ping me via email for a discount code.

When: June 1 – July 29, 2018
Where: Online — Available everywhere, no set meeting times
Price: $350

Continue reading “Class Coming Up This Summer: Novelette & Novella Writing Workshop”

Dialect and Dialogue Deep Dive

Next Writing the Other Class: Dialect and Dialogue Deep Dive

Nisi Shawl is teaching her seminar on dialogue in a 2 week deep dive format. This class focuses on how dialogue works when attempting to write inclusive fiction and how to navigate the tricky skill of rendering dialect on the page. We start at the beginning of April and there are still spots available! Plus, there are scholarships available and sliding scale registration for folks who can afford some, but not all, of the price. Class description below, more details on the website, and you can register down below.

If you’re a person of color or Native writer interested in the class, ping me via email for a discount code before you sign up.

When: April 2 – 15, 2018
Where: Online — Available everywhere and at your own pace
Price: $200

Class Description:

An essential part of creating a character is understanding how that individual speaks or communicates. For writers who are working to create inclusive fiction with characters from races, cultures, and backgrounds different from their own, crafting appropriate dialogue is more than just idealizing and compressing speech to make it seem natural. It may also mean figuring out how to get across the nuances of language, accent, or dialect without Othering or exoticizing characters or the real cultures and identity groups they represent.

We will guide you through this aspect of writing inclusive fiction through lectures, hands-on exercises, and feedback. At the end of class you’ll have a wealth of resources for further study and practice.

Instruction begins Monday, April 2 and ends Sunday, April 15, 2018. The course does not have set meeting times. You can access class material and discussion and participate in class at any time, day or night, from anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

This class is capped at 20 students. Continue reading “Next Writing the Other Class: Dialect and Dialogue Deep Dive”

background of books on a shelf in sepia tone with the words steampunk dollhouse on top

The Copper Scarab mentioned in the Steampunk Dollhouse podcast

Clockwork Cairo, the anthology where my first Pyramids and Punk story “The Copper Scarab” was published, hasn’t gotten many reviews. The few it has garnered are pretty positive on up to glowing, which makes me happy. Still, I was really glad when the person behind the Steampunk Dollhouse podcast (her nom de plume is Bluestocking and I am here for this) said they were going to devote an entire episode to the book.

You can listen to Episode 12 “Walk Like a Windup Egyptian” over on the Steampunk Dollhouse website or subscribe to the podcast. If you don’t want to hear a discussion about recent sexual harassment allegations in the steampunk community, you can skip to the 40 minute mark, which is where they start going through the book. Bluestocking devotes a few minutes to each story. If you haven’t read the book yet you’ll get a good sense of everything. Since my story is last she talks about it at the end. And hooo let me tell you all the blushing was going on once I got there.

Bluestocking loved the story and spoke highly of what I was trying to do with it. I haven’t been sure how steampunk fans were going to react to my milieu (I’m using many French words today), so it was a happy surprise to find that she enjoyed the story in part because it’s not “Anglo at all” as she put it. She also compared me favorably to Ken Liu and therefore is now my favorite person.

If you haven’t bought the anthology yet but do like steampunk, have a listen. It may inspire you to grab a copy.

Cover for the Sunspot Jungle next to text from the backer reward level

Get a mini Writing the Other class if you back the Sunspot Jungle anthology

Rosarium Publishing is celebrating 5 years of existence with a mega anthology called Sunspot Jungle. Two volumes, over 100 stories, and authors from all over the world. If you don’t know about Rosarium and what they publish, this anthology will be an excellent introduction to the kind of press they are. Later this year volume 1 will come out in eBook format[1] and volume 2 will follow in 2019. However, if you want a hardback version of the books you need to back the Kickstarter campaign going on right now.

The campaign only has a few days to go and is so close to its goal! I’m here to urge you to back it by talking up my contribution to the Kickstarter. Back it for $200 or more and you can choose an intimate Writing the Other class as your backer reward. There are only four spots in this tiny class available and, as of right now, two are already spoken for. Here’s why should you scoop up one of the other two:

Nisi and I charge $300 – $425 for the various versions of the full Writing the Other classes. Back Sunspot Jungle for $200 and you get the whole class. Plus, you and the other backers can choose your format — weekend intensive, 2 week intensive, somewhere in between… not the 6 week version, though — and the date/times the class will run. Big bonus: you only have to be in the class with a max of 3 other people.

If you’ve been wanting to take a Writing the Other class but have held back due to timing, due to price, due to being nervous about messing up in front of a bunch of strangers, this mini class is perfect for you and only available for a limited time.

Plus, you get two big books full of amazing fiction. Rading fiction by the authors in this table of contents is something Nisi and I recommend to our students, anyway. You’d already be on the path to greatness!

If this sounds good to you, go on over to the Sunspot Jungle Kickstarter, scroll down until you see WRITING THE OTHER course, hover your mouse over it, and click Select This Reward. Easy!


  1. I’m in this volume![]