My official bios (both long and short) are here, if you need them.

I write short stories. Occasionally I even write books. I’ve written other things, too, including plays[1], poetry[2]. My mode is generally speculative fiction — science fiction, fantasy, all that — but I also write what can be termed as Interstitial. I’ve had stories published in Strange Horizons, Electric Velocipede, and the Diverse Energies and Federations anthologies, among others. Complete list is under Fiction on the sidebar.

I write non-fiction. Articles, essays, reviews, etc., that end up in cool places like NPR, io9, and books about Time Lords. Again, see sidebar for the deets.

I blog. A lot. Just not a ton here on my own site. That’s because I blog for a living, in part. I also do super secret things involving gadgets.

I edit. Years ago I did a bit of fiction editing for small (but awesome) magazines like Peridot Books, The Fortean Bureau, and Sybil’s Garage. I was the non-fiction and managing editor for Fantasy Magazine back when it was new on the web and still existed as a separate entity from Lightspeed. I still exercise my editing chops every now and then. At present I’m working on a Best Of project for Aqueduct Press.

I’m black. And a woman. And queer. Just in case you didn’t pick that up before now.

I do a bit of community organizing work for art-focused non-profits. I’m on the board of the Carl Brandon Society at present. I’ve put together and run fundraising projects for CBS and the Interstitial Arts Foundation. Though I’m not on the board of the IAF, I am a member of the working group, which means I leap into action when they need me (and I have the time and resources). I served on the 2008 James Tiptree Jr. Award jury. It was awesome and I’m proud to have been part of the jury that gave the award to its first African-American recipient[3].

I give good panel. Ten years ago someone let me on a panel at WisCon and since then I have not stopped. I have conceived, organized, been a panelist on, and moderated dozens of panels at WisCon, ReaderCon, WorldCon, Arisia, New York Comic Con, and GeekGirlCon. I’ve also been on panels and led seminars at conferences such as BlogHer and the Scholar & Feminist Conference.

I teach. Sometimes. It’s a new thing.

I live in New York City. It’s just as expensive to live here as they say. It’s also just as amazing and rewarding to live here as they say. I have a great writer’s group called Altered Fluid. Plus a lot of writer friends, publishing industry friends, and hookah smoking friends. It’s a thing.

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, I’ve lived a bunch of places, including Fort Worth in Texas, Denver in Colorado, and Columbus in Ohio. I went to New York University to study voice then realized that the world of opera is filled with horrible people I wanted nothing to do with, including many of my teachers. I switched to Gallatin School for Individualized Study so that I could be individual and study. There we had no “majors”, only “concentrations”. My concentrations were in performance, writing, the history of mythology, interstitial art (though we didn’t call it that, then), and the collective unconscious. Yes, I got a degree in that.

It was during this time I wrote the plays I mentioned above. I also did several performance pieces and art projects as part of the Gallatin Arts Festival.

After leaving college and realizing that the life of a corporate drone is horrendous, I decided to throw it all away so I could attend Clarion West in 2003. I left my job, left New York, and left any notion that I’d be leading a normal life in the dust. After Clarion West I wandered around the country for a few years visiting friends, writing, and discovering that all one needs to survive in life is confidence, charm, and many well-off friends. In 2006 I returned to New York City and took up freelancing to support myself.

As mentioned above, i don’t blog here a whole bunch. You can subscribe via RSS feed if you’re old school like me. Or just follow me on Twitter, Google+, subscribe on Facebook (seriously, subscribe. I don’t friend back often), or follow on some other social network. I try to be as entertaining as I am honest. I love commenters and new readers and people who like to engage in discussion. I also really love chocolate covered almond rolled in cocoa.

Just sayin’.


  1. Produced Off-Off Broadway, but on Times Square[]
  2. never produced anywhere and you’re glad of that, trust me[]
  3. Nisi Shawl[]