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My official bios (both long and short) are here, if you need them. Bio-speak is too hard to maintain, though.

The Writing

I write short stories. I’ve written other things, too, including plays[1], poetry[2], even books. I’ve given up everything else except the books because I have big ideas in my head and short stories don’t always contain them. My mode is generally speculative fiction — yes, the science fiction, the fantasy, all that — but I also write what can be termed as Interstitial. I’ve had stories published in Strange Horizons, Electric Velocipede, the Federations anthology, and several others. See the bibliography for the complete list.

I also write non-fiction, which has found its way into the WisCon Chronicles three times, some cool books about Time Lords and Transformative Works, and even a textbook. Fancy, I know.

The Blogging

I blog. A lot. Right now my day job is blogging. I spent seven years training for this moment. I blog here, I blog at several other sites (the Carl Brandon Blog, Tor.com, to name two) and I occasionally guest blog for friends.

The Editing

I’ve been a fiction and non-fiction editor off and on since 2000. I started at Peridot Books (now Allegory Magazine), worked concurrently for The Fortean Bureau, then did a short stint for Sybil’s Garage. In 2007 I started as the non-fiction editor for Fantasy Magazine, and from 2008 to 2009 I was the managing editor there.

The Past

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, I’ve lived a bunch of places, including Fort Worth in Texas, Denver in Colorado, and Columbus in Ohio. I went to New York University to study voice then realized that the world of opera is filled with horrible people I wanted nothing to do with, including many of my teachers. I switched to Gallatin School for Individualized Study so that I could be individual and study. There we had no “majors”, only “concentrations”. My concentrations were in performance, writing, the history of mythology, interstitial art (though we didn’t call it that, then), and the collective unconscious. Yes, I got a degree in that.

It was during this time I wrote the plays I mentioned above. I also did several performance pieces and art projects as part of the Gallatin Arts Festival.

After leaving college and realizing that the life of a corporate drone is horrendous, I decided to throw it all away so I could attend Clarion West in 2003. I left my job, left New York, and left any notion that I’d be leading a normal life in the dust. After Clarion West I wandered around the country for a few years visiting friends, writing, and discovering that all one needs to survive in life is confidence, charm, and many well-off friends. In 2006 I returned to New York City and took up freelancing to support myself. Eventually I returned to the life of a regular worker, but somehow sidestepped boring grunt work and went right to the aforementioned blogging for a living.

The Obvious Bits

I’m black. I’m also a woman. These two things seem to disturb some folks, so I’m being upfront with it in case there might be problems down the road if you don’t know.

The Accomplices

I belong to two writing groups here in New York, Altered Fluid and Black Beans. My fellow writers are all wonderful and talented people and I’m vastly lucky to be in their company. I’m also a member of the Carl Brandon Society, an organization that seeks to encourage and promote writers of color in speculative fiction. I do a lot of volunteer work for the Interstitial Arts Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness of and supporting interstitial artists. I’m currently the Salon Coordinator for New York City and the Interfictions Auction Web Maven.


I served on the 2008 James Tiptree Jr. Award jury. It was awesome and I’m proud to have been part of the jury that gave the award to its first African-American recipient[3].

The Conclusion

You’re already on my site, so you’ve probably figured out that the main page is the blog and the links to my bibliography and such are along the top. So please come hang out for a while. I try to be as entertaining as I am honest. I love commenters and new readers and people who like to engage in discussion. I also really love chocolate covered almond rolled in cocoa.

Just sayin’.

Header Image: Raven’s Blessing by J Campbell


  1. Produced Off-Off Broadway, but on Times Square[]
  2. never produced anywhere and you’re glad of that, trust me[]
  3. Nisi Shawl[]

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