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Archive for May 13th, 2008

In which I am insane for about 4.5 minutes

In which I am insane for about 4.5 minutes

When I was a wee one, I loved the New Kids On The Block for a minute.  I was such a dork, though, that I got into them just as everyone else was starting to realize they sucked.  But that’s okay ,because I could enjoy my love for Donnie, Danny, Joey, John and Jordon in […]

Why the hell am I up at 1am?

Why the hell am I up at 1am?

Because I had to complete some jewelry then take pictures of it. Can I just say: taking pictures of jewelry is fucking hard! I need a better lightbox or something. Or maybe just some classes on how to get all the yellow out of images. Anyway, the fruits of all my labor: These are called […]

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